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Which of these is a Moose? Caribou?
caribou_dp.jpgSimple, eh?
Well the two are close in relation- They both hail from the Deer family, same relative habitat, common enemies, both have wickedly obnoxious antlers. But as you can see- they DO look different.

Moose (Alces alces):
mooseDM2003_468x440.jpgAdult Moose average weight 800-1500 lbs.
Adult Moose average height from shoulder 6-7'
The moose is the biggest sub-set of deer- much larger than caribou. The antlers sprout into rounded prongs from a flat base mast, and shed the antlers every winter to conserve energy (they probably make the neck tired). By spring, moose grow back their antlers in 3-5 months.

Caribou (Kangifer tarandus):
caribou-1.jpg Also known as...... wait for it.........Reindeer! (like Donner, and Blitzen!!)
200-700 lbs. and 4-5' from the shoulder for adults.
Caribou have the second largest antlers in the deer covenant (after the Moose) and have a unique neck mane (as compared to that funny looking dangler off the Moose neck).
They have adaptable hooves, where the pad expands and gets soft and spongy in the spring (for more traction in the mud), while in winter the pad shrinks and tightens so the hooves protrude for traction on ice.